Total Restoration and Remodeling


Looking to do some updates? We have a great renovation program for your new purchase or refinance. Anything from upgrading your kitchen, adding a pool, to a complete overhaul of the house. With this great program we have teamed up with a locally experienced company to guide you through this process: Total Restoration & Remodeling…. [Read More]

FHA Loans and Bad Credit – What You Need to Know

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I often get questions about different circumstances and what the time frames are for past credit issues. Let’s do a comprehensive review on FHA Loans and bad credit. FHA offers purchase and refinance loans to new and repeat homeowners. If you do have past troubles with credit these items are reviewed upfront before your loan… [Read More]

First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Information

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As a First Time Home Buyer the process can seem overwhelming. To make it easier, start by breaking down some of the loan products and what they are best used for. There are many types of first-time home buyer loans.  There are different loan options and terms such as a fixed rate or adjustable rate… [Read More]

Watch Your Credit Scores Go Up With These Tips

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CREDIT TIPS As you look to improve your credit situation, Credit Resource Group is a local resource to help you! As a trusted local credit repair company, they will guide you through the process and always look to save you money. The last thing you can afford is money spent on results that aren’t getting… [Read More]

Questions About Homestead Exemptions?

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I recently received an email from Jo Anne Johnson a local real estate agent highlighting the benefits and the importance of filing a homestead exemption. Here are some key points I wanted to share as she answers the important questions about homestead exemptions. Make sure you check your local appraisal district website for filing dates and… [Read More]

Texas Home Buyer Education

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This quick guide will help explain a few of the buying options along with our video presentation of the home buying process! At Texas Premier Mortgage, we believe everyone can achieve the dream of home ownership with the right guidance and support after all you’re looking for a Team to help you with this process… [Read More]

Updates For Your 2018 Taxes

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As we start gathering our documents preparing for the upcoming tax season here are some of the detailed updates for your 2018 taxes. The tax overhaul is one of the largest in 40 years and designed to boost the economy, create jobs, and increase consumer spending. Review the changes along with your cpa to see how… [Read More]

First Time Homebuyer Questions

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As a First Time Homebuyer the options are plentiful, and the process can seem overwhelming. Let’s start by breaking down some of the loan products and what they are best used for. Make sure you also request our insider packet. “How to save $5,000 on your next purchase” First Time Homebuyer Loan Mortgage Options in… [Read More]

First Time Homebuyer Mortgage Loan Checklist

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Looking to purchase a new home and not sure where to start? Speaking with a Loan Officer at Texas Premier Mortgage is the 1st step in the mortgage loan process. Your Loan Officer will evaluate your finances, credit, income, and overall loan profile to determine the best loan product and price range to stay in…. [Read More]