Mortgage Rates

How do you know what your mortgage rate will be?

We take a variety of factors to combine your unique profile with a qualified loan offer. Your loan is tailored to you and your goals. The most accurate loan rate will be bases on a complete application and checklist provided to you.

Factors Considered in Your Rate

  • Credit Score
  • Down Payment
  • Term of Loan
  • Product
  • Escrow Included or Excluded (taxes and insurance)
  • Fixed or Adjustable
  • Time frame you will close your loan

Unlike most lenders we will personally evaluate your specific goals, timeframe and current financial status to ensure we put you in the right loan, best rate and lowest fees. Our goal is to keep you as a life-long client knowing you can rely on your community lender for the fairest terms available.

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We are a Top Choice lender in Texas and have been recognized in Houston and our community for our customer service, testimonials, and community impact. We’d love to show you why our clients continue to choose us over other lenders and big banks!

For more information about mortgage rates and the benefits and loan options, please contact us direct at 281-627-4222 or submit the quick quote form on this page.