LLC Texas Mortgage Loans

LLC Texas Mortgage Loans


LLC Texas Mortgage Loans are a great way to build your portfolio and provide personal protection. We offer a variety of loan products to choose from! As a Mortgage Broker we offer solutions most typical lenders don’t offer. Here at Texas Premier Mortgage, our goal is to provide solutions for you. These loans are no different than any other when it comes to processing the loan and your timeframe to close. We’d love to speak with you when you’re ready to connect for the next steps to begin the loan process.

What Types of Loans Qualify for an LLC Loan with Texas Premier Mortgage?

1.  Full Doc Loan – provides a lower rate option for those providing pay stubs or tax returns to qualify muck like a traditional mortgage loan
2.  DSCR - investor loans using the rental income to qualify
3.  Bank Statement – 12 or 24 Personal or Business Statements

Benefits of an LLC Mortgage Loan in Texas Mortgage?

+ Personal protection liability on your real estate holdings
+ Tax Advantages
+ No tradeline listed on your credit report
+ Investor-friendly to build your portfolio

For more information FOLLOW THIS LINK to our full page of LLC  information or you can connect with us by filling out the “Quick Quote” on the right side of this page.