Investment Purchase

Looking for an investment purchase? We offer a variety of investor mortgage loans. From conventional, bank statement to hard money loans we have the solution to fit. We will review if this is a short or long-term investment opportunity for you, or whether its leasing the property for a revenue stream. If this is a property you intend to flip as a business transaction, we also have short-term lending options. As a mortgage broker we have a variety of products most larger lenders don’t offer and have access to.

Typical investment loans require a larger down payment than regular mortgage conventional or FHA loan and they come with a higher interest rate due to the nature of the occupancy profile.

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Down Payment Options

  • 15% – 20% down payment is typical for a single-family residence (2-4 units require up to 25% down payment)
  • The more money you can put down the better the rate and a 20% down payment avoids PMI (private mortgage insurance)

Investment Loan Terms

  • 30 Year, 25 Year, 20 Year, 15 Year and 10 Year options are available
  • Adjustable Rates are also available depending on the length of time you intend to own the property

Types of Investor Properties

There are other strategies to build wealth with an investment property like converting your current primary residence into a rental property and buying a new primary property. By doing this the lender would require 3.5% – 5% down payment on the new home and your interest rate would be significantly lower. In most rate markets over the last decade, primary home rates have been roughly 1% lower than investment rates allowing you to purchase a larger home or save money on the monthly payment. This investment strategy can save you thousands in down payment costs and rate savings over the life of the loan.

We’ll help you calculate the numbers for income and future growth on your investment. Real Estate is the #1 investment for growth on your money. With the ups and downs of the stock market, Texas real estate offers the stability and opportunity to capitalize on the future increase in your wealth. There is no right or wrong strategy, everyone’s situation is different. The important thing to know is you have options and while rates may go up and down there is always an opportunity in every market.

Remember the end goal is to build wealth whether it’s helping boost your monthly income for your retirement or passing along the property to your children one day. Don’t ever pass up the opportunity to purchase. Properties go up in value in Texas and not down. The economic conditions in the state are a direct reflection of the real estate environment. Companies and investors from all over the country are moving to Texas for a reason. Call us today to explore your options. As a leading mortgage broker in Texas, we’ll help answer your questions and pre-approve you to purchase your next investment property.

investment purchase

For more information about buying an investment purchase and the benefits and loan options and how it may apply to you, please contact us direct or submit the “Quick Quote” form on this page.