Bank Statement Home Loan

bank statement loan

Often times numbers don’t match up or you get a phone call from your loan officer the underwriter just denied your loan for income reasons. What options do you have now? You need alternate lending that traditional banks don’t offer called non-qualified mortgage loans or Non QM. Our Bank Statement Home Loan is a great option when… [Read More]

Home Equity Loan Information

home equity

Using the equity in your home is a great way to fund that major expense using the equity you’ve built in your own home. Review this home equity loan information for all the details on your next loan. You can use the equity you have in your home to secure financing for your next large… [Read More]

Mortgage Rates in Texas – TX Home Loans


We’re the community lender in Texas with all the resources needed to help you reach your goals. Our home loan experts take time to listen to your needs and then help you find the right solution. Fixed rate mortgages have a set interest rate, so the payment stays the same for the life of the loan. Consider… [Read More]

Self Employed Mortgage Loan


Being self employed isn’t easy when trying to get a home loan, it often presents challenges for many with the abundant amount of information requested. We’re going to cover some of the basic checklist items you will be asked to provide and some alternative solutions should you need lending outside of traditional methods. We’ll help you… [Read More]

Current FHA Mortgage Rates


FHA Mortgage Rates are some of the lowest for homeowners. The typical variance between FHA rates can be as much as 1% lower as compared to a Conventional Loan. Items like credit score, down payment, purchase price, and term do factor in this spread. FHA allows for a lower down payment at 3.5%, more flexible… [Read More]

Current Mortgage Rates

current mortgage rates

Mortgage rates plunged the last week on increased fears of an extended trade war and China’s exit from buying US agricultural products. The rates are the lowest they have been in years. Mortgage refinance applications rose 12% last week and up 116% from 1 year ago. The stunning drop in rates has many clients refinancing… [Read More]

Best VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan


One of our favorite loans to do at Texas Premier Mortgage is a VA Loan! A VA Interest Rate Reduction Loan is a VA refinance of your existing loan. VA IRRRL is a fast-tracked streamlined refinance mortgage loan program for homeowners with a VA Loan. Under VA IRRRL Mortgage Guidelines, borrowers with a current VA Loan… [Read More]

Self Employed Bank Statement Mortgage Loan Program


We specialize in a self employed bank statement mortgage loan program. These program is designed for self employed clients who might not qualify with the traditional bank loan requirements. As times have changed the “big banks” are still requiring a ton of information which make it difficult for people who run their own businesses to qualify… [Read More]

How To Pick The Right Mortgage: Know Your Options

loan info

With all the home loan options how do you know which option is best for you? Items to Consider How much money do you have for a down payment, this is key when shopping for a mortgage The amount of years you want to loan to be and how long you plan on staying in… [Read More]

Best Insurance Company Allstate

Many People Thinking of Questions

Whether you’re buying a new or existing home, need auto insurance, jewelry, wind and hail, flood, or commercial insurance its important you review the 3 C’s with Allstate Premier Agent Mike Diaz of The Woodlands, TX! Lets dive into the specifics. 3 C’s of Homeowner Insurance Shopping – Cost, Coverage, and Customize Cost: Use this… [Read More]