First Time Homebuyer Questions

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As a First Time Homebuyer the options are plentiful, and the process can seem overwhelming. Let’s start by breaking down some of the loan products and what they are best used for. Make sure you also request our insider packet. “How to save $5,000 on your next purchase” First Time Homebuyer Loan Mortgage Options in… [Read More]

First Time Homebuyer Mortgage Loan Checklist

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Looking to purchase a new home and not sure where to start? Speaking with a Loan Officer at Texas Premier Mortgage is the 1st step in the mortgage loan process. Your Loan Officer will evaluate your finances, credit, income, and overall loan profile to determine the best loan product and price range to stay in…. [Read More]

Best Parks to Visit in The Woodlands, TX


Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the best parks to visit in The Woodlands, TX! You’ll love the many different park options throughout the community with tons of recreation and family fun. Discover Parks and Recreation The Parks and Recreation Department operates and maintains nearly 210 miles of hike and bike paths, 135 parks, 14 swimming… [Read More]

The Next Mortgage Crisis Is Coming


To understand what the next mortgage crisis will look like we need to review the last mortgage bubble that crippled the economy which led to the “Great Recession”. Unemployment reached 10% with over 7 million jobs lost. The first investment bank to go down was Lehman Brothers the 4th largest at the time followed by… [Read More]

How To Count Rental Income On A House Your Moving From

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We frequently have clients that want to keep their current home as a rental while having the luxury of purchasing a new one. We are going to dive into some of the requirements on how to count this new rental income on your loan approval without having any prior renters on the property. You might… [Read More]

10 Questions To Ask A Realtor Before Hiring Them

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With so many real estate agents out there, the upfront process can be confusing. You might have a friend, family member or have seen a sign in a yard for sale but, how do you pick an agent and what questions should you be asking. The key to saving thousands of dollars comes from picking… [Read More]

How To Get The Best Mortgage Rate in Texas

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The million dollar question when shopping for a mortgage loan is “how to get the best mortgage rate in texas” without sacrificing service or working with a Loan Officer that works in Idaho that is a headache to work with, doesn’t care about the details, and won’t communicate with you! In this article I’m going to… [Read More]

Credit Tips Before and During The Mortgage Loan Process

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When starting the pre-approval process, you should not do anything that will have an adverse effect on your loan from this point through your closing date. It may be tempting to start opening credit cards for furniture and other miscellaneous items, but this is the time to keep your financial picture frozen in a stable… [Read More]

Best Texas Mortgage Lender in 2019

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How do you find the best texas mortgage lender in 2019? Depending on what your goals are lets review somethings to think about when trying to figure out which mortgage lender is right for you. With so many options and interest rates on the internet how do you know who to trust and if your… [Read More]