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Should you wait or should you purchase now? What’s real and what’s the truth? Let’s dive into a few myths in today’s housing market.



Myth: I should wait to buy until home prices and mortgage rates fall!

Reality: Experts say prices and rates will continue to rise this year. That means it’ll cost you more the longer you wait!


Myth: I can set the asking price for my house at whatever I want.

Reality: You can’t pick just any price. Pricing your house appropriately for the market takes expertise – a real estate professional can help you with this.


Myth: Waiving a home inspection is a good idea if I want my offer to stand out.

Reality: An inspection tells you the condition of the home and can help prevent unpleasant surprises. Waiving it could cost you a lot more than it will save you.


Myth: I have to renovate my whole house before I can sell it!

Reality: Partner with a real estate professional for expert advice on what you need to tackle. Some renovations may not be worth it in today’s market. Other renovations might increase your value.

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Houston Mortgage Broker – Best Home Loan Lender Houston, Texas