Best Texas Mortgage Lender in 2019

How do you find the best texas mortgage lender in 2019?

Depending on what your goals are lets review somethings to think about when trying to figure out which mortgage lender is right for you. With so many options and interest rates on the internet how do you know who to trust and if your Loan Officer is experienced. After all the Loan Officer will drive the transaction and be your primary point of contact. The lender you choose and the Loan Officer both hold equal weight. Lets break down some questions you need to ask yourself and what you should be looking for with your lender and loan officers qualifications.

Lets Rank What’s Important To You:

  1. Do I care about great customer service
  2. Do I want to work with a Loan Officer that works banker hours or all hours
  3. How important is the rate, is service higher or fees
  4. Do you want to visit your Loan Officer in person or know that they are local
  5. Do you want your Loan Officer going to closing
  6. Am I willing to sacrifice service for a lower rate
  7. Do you want a relationship with your Loan Officer or just transactional

Questions To Ask Your Loan Officer:

  1. How long have you been doing home loans
  2. How long have you been at the current company
  3. Which options do you recommend and why
  4. What tips can you give me to save me money
  5. What hours are you available
  6. How often will I hear from you on the status of my loan
  7. Will you be at my closing
  8. Will you communicate with my realtor
  9. Do you have a relationship with the appraisal company
  10. How do I help you close on time


Now this can be a little daunting to sort out all these questions especially if you’re shopping with numerous lenders but, you will see the great loan officers talk about these things within the first conversation. They will ask you about your timeframe, goals and provide a wealth of knowledge of what the expectations are. Ranking these questions and profiling your loan officer with save you time and money by picking the right one. Make sure you do your homework!

Finding the best mortgage company will take more than just looking at rates. Like anything you enjoy from food to cars. You don’t want the cheapest service nor the most expensive. You’ll find most good loan officers are in the middle of the road at a fair price for everyone. Great service and establishing a long-term relationship will ultimately save you thousands in the long-run and have you closing on time. For more information and questions about this topic contact your Texas Mortgage Expert Steve Head!

Written By: Steve Head / Texas Premier Mortgage / President and Top Producing Loan Officer

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